A Day in the Country

I just spent a day in the country north of Dallas with my good friend Bob Bender and his lovely wife, Becky.  In good company, you can experience exhilaration and relaxation all at the same time.  Bob shared a segment of a lecture about C.S. Lewis that he got from The Teaching Company.  His fresh insights about miracles provided a stimulating discussion about the timelessness of God and how "beyond us" He is.  Then, riding on an electric cart through herds of deer, trying to connect with the roaming donkeys, and just breathing the fresh air with no agenda but to savor "the now," made all the tensions disappear.  One of the many things I enjoy about Bob is that he knows how to enjoy life, but he never loses sight of the Source of his blessings.  Becky gave me a great new idea, that of posting my favorite charities and what they mean to me personally.  I always come home from our visits feeling richer because of our time together.


One Response to A Day in the Country

  1. Natalie says:

    That is great Doddy. I like it that you have enriching friendships. How nice! You should play in the country more!

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