Overwhelmed Is Simply Overloaded

overload-your-trailer.jpgThe more I think about what it is to be overwhelmed (in preparation for next Tuesday’s lecture), the more I come back to the simple concept of “overload.” I can handle only so much at one time. When I’m overloaded for an extended time, something breaks down. Basically, I need to learn to manage those things that are within my control (by saying “no,’ by reducing social obligations, by using time management techniques). But some things are beyond my control, like accidents, like aging, or like stormy weather). Some things can shrink my capacity to handle situations (again, the aging process), but I like to think that I can also expand my capacity to handle things. I guess that’s where efficiency comes in. I need to learn to prioritize tasks and then discipline myself to attack the highest priorities first. Even without changing my capacity, I need to learn to get help. Delegation seems to be a key to handle more without getting overloaded. I’ve enjoyed getting some pictures to visualize the problem. I only wish the solutions were as easy to picture.



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