Cross Cultural Research

worldmap.gifI'd like to see more studies on how quality of life is impacted by spirituality, religion and personal beliefs across cultural boundaries. It helps us tap into the universal aspects of spiritual issues and human nature. Here's one that I just pulled off an announcement from CAPS headquarters.
A cross-cultural study of spirituality, religion, and personal beliefs as components of quality of life
This paper reported on an international study in 18 countries (n=5087) that observed how spirituality, religion and personal beliefs (SRPB) related to quality of life (QoL). SRPB was assessed using the World Health Organization QoL Instrument (WHOQOL). Eight additional facets were included to more fully investigate the association between SRPB and QoL. The facets addressed issues such as inner peace, faith, hope, optimism, spiritual connection along with physical, social, psychological and environmental domains. According to the hierarchal regression analysis, all of the domains contributed to overall QoL. People who reported poor health held lower scores for QoL as compared to general population of study. Gender comparisons showed that women reported greater feelings of spiritual connection and faith then men. Those with less education reported greater faith but were less hopeful. It was suggested that SRPB should be more routinely addressed in assessment of QoL, as it can make a substantial difference in QoL, particularly for those who report very poor health or are at the end of their life. ( WHOQOL SRPB Group, March 2006, Social Science & Medicine, Vol. 62, (6), pp. 1486-1497).

The Social Psychology Network contains a lot of useful cultural psychology links arranged by subtopics. It's worth a visit.

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