Psychology and the Arts?

art.jpgI just returned from a planning meeting of the DSPP (Dallas Society for Psychoanalytic Psychology) Arts Committee. At first, I struggled to understand what the group was and what it did. Like this picture I saw on the web site of Arts Advice and Support, it seemed like it could be several things but at first you search for definition. Indeed, the committee does plan several different kinds of activities while maintaining a very cohesive identity. One track is to analyze art forms to derive life principles that resonate with the human condition. For example, they planned one movie evening to respond to the story of Johnny Cash in Walk the Line. A second track is to look at how the arts can function as a healing agent. For example, a renowned concert pianist, John Bayless, will focus on the transforming power of music in his own life following traumatic and life-threatening birth defects. A third track is simply to get together in someone’s home and share the artistic talents of the members. Some play guitar, some sing, some paint, and others like me appreciate the gifts of others. What a wonderful group of bright and fun people. Check out their web link and, when they update their agenda, update your calendar.



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