Health of Marriage in America . . . or Unhealth?

husband-wife.jpgAt lunch with my friend Steve Sternberg the other day, he told me about the National Marriage Project at Rutgers. Steve is a down-to-earth guy who has a keen intellect and a philosophical grounding. I read the essay by Barbara Whitehead and David Popenoe entitled Life Without Children.  


A growing percentage of women today are not having any children. In 2004, almost one out of five women in their early forties was childless.  In 1976, it was one out of ten.  “Child rearing is no longer the defining experience of adult life,” says co-director and author of the report’s essay, Barbara Dafoe Whitehead. “Parents today feel out of synch with the larger adult world.”

I had intended to write a more lengthy post on this report.  But then I ran across another blogger who had already done it. Steve and Candice have a wonderful blog called Why Family with a long list of good posts. I decided to create a link with them and keep up with their thinking.

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