Men, Commitment and Marriage

committment.jpgSmart Marriages provides lots of good links and articles on marrige. For example, when you get to the site, click on men and commitment for some good insights on commitment. In this article, Karen Peterson talks about a presentation by Scott Stanley, co-author of Fighting for Your Marriage, and highlights how many researchers agree, “men are the foot-draggers” when it comes to commitment. But there are some differences about why that might be the case. For example, are men ok with their commitment to a woman, but avoid commitment to the institution of marriage? What’s the role of cohabitation in this dilemma? I think the lack of commitment on the part of men is a good example of how well-entrenched fear blocks out love (rather than “pefect love casts out fear”) and this love can be the love of God or the love of/for a woman.


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