The Heavens and God


This incredible picture from the Hubble telescope shows whole galaxies, not stars. I found this person’s web site fascinating for several reasons: (1) he generated several hundred comments from this single post, partly because of his provocative and perhaps inflammatory title “How Hubble Killed God . . .” (2) The comments represent individuals from atheists to irate and rigid Christians. (3) The picture is breathtaking. (4) the bloggers comments invite dialogue.

My personal reaction has nothing to do with whether or not God is dead, but rather how grand and big is God’s glory. It takes me back to Psalm 19 that starts with “The heavens are telling of the glory of God . . .” Now that we can see more of the heavens, my God becomes bigger in my mind and I become that much more special to Him, (“What is man, that Thou dost care for him?” — Psalm 8:4). I am intrigued by the vast range of emotional and mental reactions to the existence of God as much as I am by the vastness of the universe.

One Response to The Heavens and God

  1. Hi J. Lee,

    It truly is an amazing image. I was totally astounded by the reaction the article got. Went to bed with one comment and woke to find 120. I understand the provocative nature of the article, but I genuinely had no intention to offend, just to get people on both sides of the faith fence to stop and think about the significance of that photo. The POV I put across after seeing that image was what I thought and I accept that people on the other side of that fence interpret it differently. There’s nothing wrong with that. How some people chose to express themselves in the comments at the site was disappointing (there’s another 377 comments at Digg!), but the article’s been linked by so many now, so it’s obviously a talking point. Thanks for seeing fit to post it here and adding your own thoughts.

    My blog is pretty new and multi-faceted and my latest post is very different to this one. A lot of people seem to like it.

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