Setting the Tone for Christmas


2006-nativity-front-300-pixels.jpgEach year on the day after Thanksgiving, our family of five assembles this manger scene in our living room. (Click here to see the stages of construction). One morning while I was drinking my coffee and staring at this year’s version, a new insight came to me.

I thought how sad it was that when our Holy God arrived into our world that was characterized mostly by sin and selfishness, there was hardly room for him. We weren’t ready for him. We had very little to offer him. We hardly knew who he was or even that he was coming. In fact, Herod tried to kill him.
By contrast, when we want to come into his world of holiness purity, he not only makes room for us, but he also welcomes us, provides all we need (like covering for our2006-nativity-side-300-pixels.jpg sin), and rejoices in the interest that we show him. I am constantly overwhelmed with how a holy and just God has found a way for unholy and unjust humankind to come into his presence and enjoy a personal relationship with him. It was Jesus us who said, “I am the way, the truth, and the life.” What a life! What a way to celebrate a Merry Christmas!


One Response to Setting the Tone for Christmas

  1. Merry Christmas Dr. Jagers! I love the decorations you have. Your post got me thinking about how we weren’t ready nor had room for Jesus upon his first arrival on the human scene. It kinda makes me think we won’t be ready for His second arrival. We won’t want to make room because we would be too busy doing our own thing. And much like Herod tried to stop the Savior coming by murder, wouldn’t we try to stop the second coming as well by murdering (or whatever possible means of keeping the end from coming)? I think one of the most interesting things about Jesus’ coming to be born on Earth is that we may not have made room, but no one missed it. The magi made it. Herod tried to stop it. The Jewish leaders obviously realized something serious was on their hands, and equally in the end convinced others to have him executed like a criminal. BUT then again…these are my preleminary thoughts, as it is about midnight and I’m working on some other things…so I could’ve forgot something. ? Thanks for the cool thoughts!

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