Arrogance vs. Confidence?

A  thoughtful question came to me from a Christian in the community.  He asks, “What is the difference between confidence and arrogance in the Christian walk?   I’m giving this some thought this week.  How would you answer the question?  What are your thoughts?


2 Responses to Arrogance vs. Confidence?

  1. Adam Scheidegger says:

    This is a great question…two things that deal with the personal thought of yourself, but polar opposites. In my opinion (confidently) I would say that confidence in the christian walk is being public with a positive mindset of who God created you to be, and how others can add to that. Arrogance in the christian walk I would say is being public with the positive mindset of who you’ve created yourself to be, and how you can add yourself to others. I hope others percieve me to be the first rather than the latter.

  2. Loretta Gilliam says:

    Confidence: Godly and Christ Centered. We KNOW that we are the victors with Him.
    Arrogance: Self-glory centered. We want everyone else to think we are the victors!!!

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