Methamphetamine Use Ain’t Pretty

Drug addiction distorts a person’s thinking in two ways: (1) peripheral vision that would normally keep loved ones in view gives way to blinders. The user does not “see” those special people and is blind to the impact of the addiction on others who love them; (2) depth of field disappears, so the user no longer “sees” the long range consequences down the road of drug use. All they see is the now. These pictures show this “down-the-road effect” of methamphetamine use for relatively short periods of time.

Before using methamphetamine and after 3 yrs 5 mos of use:

meth-lady-2.JPG meth-lady-2-plus-35.jpg

For additional pictures, click here.

The point of all this for me is not how bad it is, but what good is it? What contribution did drug use make to the dignity of any of these individuals. According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA), 12 million Americans have tried“meth.” I wonder if this lady would have started using meth if she could have seen the effects “down the road” more clearly.

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