“The Lost Tomb of Jesus” Hype and Fluff

James Cameron and the Discovery Channel have been successful. They have a lot of people talking about “could it be true?” that he has found the remains of Jesus and his family (including wife) in a tomb in Jerusalem. But it’s and old story that has surfaced many times before and shall continue to stir the imagination of those weak in solid thinking. Cameron says “I looked at the evidence initially, and as a layman I found it to be compelling …. I haven’t seen anything that contradicts the bock.jpginitial hypothesis.” I would suggest that Mr. Cameron does what I did and turn to a trustworthy scholar and man of God, Dr. Darrell Bock, (New Testament Research Professor at Dallas Theological Seminary) for some factual basis for discounting the hype. Click on his name and go back to his blog often.

Another excellent resource is Kerby Anderson of Probe Ministries.

I’m editing this post so I can add the link Dr. Chris Rosebrough‘s research which I found equally helpful.


4 Responses to “The Lost Tomb of Jesus” Hype and Fluff

  1. I’ve written a comprehensive rebuttal of the films claims. Please read it and decide for yourself whether or not the film claims are solid or a hoax.

    You will find it at extremetheology.com

  2. Lee Jagers says:

    Thanks for your visit, Dr. Rosebrough, and particularly for leaving your link. You offer a wonderful example of thoughtful Christian contributions to the debates of the marketplace.

  3. akugel says:

    Fake or non fake, the concept of jesusbones is compelling. I wonder how much they’re worth?

  4. Lee says:

    My personal and theological response is that a risen Lord is worth far more than bones. If bones, then no resurrection and no Christianity. Now that would be a worthwhile study. Do diligence with the investigation. I took a look at your Jesus Camp post — It really bugs me that people trivialize Christianity and distort it so much. Thanks for showing it, though, because that kinda stuff does go on. It’s a good example of why people aren’t attracted to the faith.

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