Why Tour Israel?

I just returned from our “Holy Land Tour” which surpassed all expectations.  Reflectively, I still ask, “What was it?”  Was it a pilgrimage?  No, because I think of a pilgrimage as an act of worship during which some kind of special grace is bestowed to the pilgrim.  Was it simply a study trip?   No, because because a study trip is about learning facts for their intellectual or historical interest.  I think of this trip as a visit to the places where God chose to reveal Himself in special ways.  Therefore the things we see and the places we visit are not significant in their own right.  They are significant by virtue of what happened there and who did it.  So this trip was about experiencing the settings in which the historical roots of our faith took place so that the biblical accounts become more vivid, clearly grounded in historical reality, and therefore more a part of my walk of faith. 



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