Parable of the Soils: My Receptivity

chorazin-map1The familiar parable of the “Sower and the Seed” (Matthew 13:1-23) is really a parable of the soils on which the seed falls. The Bible clearly indicates this in words, and Jesus’ interpretation makes it perfectly clear, but the pictures of the ground in Chorazin (just north of Capernaum) that I took last month show it vividly. (click on photo to see full size)


Some seeds fell beside the road and birds came and devoured them

= (one who hears the word of the kingdom and does not understand it)


Some seeds fell upon the rocky places and sprang up quickly, but scorched by the sun and withered

= (one who hears the word but has no firm root and falls away)


Some seeds fell among the thorns and were choked out by the thorns

= (one who hears the word but worry of the world and riches causes to wither)


Some seeds fell on good soil and yielded crops

= (one who hears the word and understands it and bears fruit in his life)

Applications to me?

1. I want my life to receive God’s word, digest it, allow it to take root, and then bear fruit that can be useful for the edification and health of others.

2. My life is not about achieving so much as receiving and keeping my life clean of resistance (to God’s word), superficiality, and worries. Stay out of the way and let the seed do its thing.

3. I’d like to “see” parables in the natural things of everyday life around here, in the format of “Here’s something that illustrates a principle of life with God.”


2 Responses to Parable of the Soils: My Receptivity

  1. Ted says:

    Thanks for the pics illustrating the soils! Using them in my Gospels class today!

  2. Lee Jagers says:

    Delighted that you found the pictures helpful . . . even more delighted that you’re teaching the Gospels. Wonderful material!

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