Full-time Work Less Appealing to Women — Getting Smarter

working_moms.jpgThe latest Pew Social Trends report states the facts. But I have several politically incorrect reasons for why full-time work for mothers is not good for them, their family or their children. (1) Everybody is exhausted in the evening so the family unit gets only each other’s dregs. (2) The added income may add to the collection of “things” but not necessarily enrich the quality of life for the family. (3) Women typically feel crushed by the pressure to “have to” share the financial support of the family, while men typically feel grounded by the same pressure. (4) Mom is uniquely suited to be the cohesive glue that holds a family together emotionally and relationally, but when she working full time, she can’t do it all. (5) The cultural emphasis on individualized activities, compulsive consumerism, and high achievement tends to fracture relationships and rupture attachment bonds that are so important for healthy living. (6) The glorification of full-time work for women (giving your best to your employer’s dream) makes it difficult to understand the grand-scale significance of a home-based loving mom. Our women have been duped by a myth and are in danger of losing the vision of one of the most important callings of all times. It takes all you’ve got to build a healthy, godly home.

Pew Social Trends report: In the span of the past decade, full-time work outside the home has lost some of its appeal to mothers. This trend holds both for mothers who have such jobs and those who don’t. Just 21% of working mothers and 16% of at-home mothers now say working full-time would be their ideal situation. © 2007, American Counseling Association, 5999 Stevenson Avenue, Alexandria, VA 22304. Telephone: 703/823-9800. Email: fburtnett@counseling.org. Permission is hereby granted to reproduce anything contained in this newsletter as long as the American Counseling Association is identified as the original source of the information.


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