Women’s Modesty — Prudish or Godly?

modesty-in-women.jpgDrake Torp-Pederson, a wonderful pastor and a dear friend of mine, had listened to the podcast of my chapel talk last spring and sent me a web site that reinforced my point.  I was addressing the need for purity and modesty on the part of our female students at Dallas Seminary.  (Last Fall I aimed at the guys).  My intension was to emphasize the positive picture of how women should dress (i.e. to accentuate the loveliness of their countenance) as well as their heart (i.e. a lovely internal disposition).  Drake pointed me to a blog maintained by four women who dare to talk frankly about the “biblical woman” and unpopular things like “modesty” with a positive, fun spirit.  Clicking on one of their links takes you to this pdf-file which I think is a wonderfully practical guideline for women to follow. 


A few years ago, these comments reflected the reactions of an Asian Christian to the dress codes of Western women.  It’s worth a read.  The picture on this post comes from that link.  

I like this kind of discussion to focus on two questions concerning women’s dress: (1) What does your appearance communicate to others? (2) Is that what you want to communicate?  (3) To what extent do you glorify God with the way He has gifted you?   And for the many attractive women who have discovered the secrets of dressing well, thanks.

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