From Russia, with Vision

dmitrievsky.jpgHe seemed like just an ordinary nice guy when he sat down to have lunch with me last week. Then Vasily Dmitrievsky introduced himself and I knew I was in for a treat. I met a man with a vision. Vasily graduated from Dallas Seminary with a Master of Theology in 2006 and is again in Dallas for several weeks this summer to complete some additional course work. His wife and children are still back in Russia because it would have been too expensive to bring them. He talked to me about reverse culture shock. For example, during the four years he was here, prices in Russia had inflated four times. So when he returned “home” in 2006, he had to pay $800 for the same thing that had cost only $200 earlier. Politics change. The church changes because the needs of the people become more basic. Wow! My eyes were opened.

Vasily is a missionary with e3 Partners Ministry. The three e’s come from “Equip” which is about equipping local church leaders and laymen around the world to serve their own communities with the Gospel; “Evangelize” which is about provides evangelism training tools and opportunities through several coordinated strategies; and “Establish” which is about equipping them to make disciples, develop leaders and plant churches. I like that ambitious but humble approach. It’s about how guys like Vasily can help local people do what they want to do by adding his resources to their efforts and goals.e3partners.jpg

If anyone is looking for a worthwhile cause to support financially, contributions can be made through e3 Partners Ministry. More than an enjoyable lunch partner, Vasily opened my eyes to a more global perspective of my world.


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