The Pastor and His Family in Peru

peru-lima-map.jpgDr. Ramesh Richard does more than wish the world could get better. He goes out to a couple of different countries every year to make it better by training local pastors in their biblical preaching, evangelism and personal godly living. Next week, I’ll be joining the RREACH team in Lima, Peru to offer twelve hours of teaching on “The Pastor and His Family.” My personal conviction is that a pastor needs to know how to manage his own family before he can manage a church. But I really don’t know these people. So I’m going with an attitude ofimg_0086.jpg presenting some basic family principles from the Bible and then see how they work them out into their own culture. I have a hunch that I’m going to learn at least as much as they do. One of my challenges is to create an open atmosphere of personal honesty to a group of people who may be very proud and private. Another challenge is to come to them with an attitude of humility so they feel encouraged rather than criticized.

Here’s the outline we’ll be working through.

I. The Biblical Importance of Family

II. The Pastor and His Family

A. What is a healthy, godly family

B. How are sins passed on to the third and fourth generations? (Exodus 34:6-7)

C. How to break unhealthy patterns of the past.

III. The Pastor and His Marriage

A. God’s model for marriage

B. How to maintain a good marriage

IV. The Pastor and His Children

A. What if the only picture of God your children ever received was your life?

B. How important are children in God’s eyes?

C. What does it mean “train up a child in the way he should go” (Prov. 22:6)?

D. Treat your children in a manner that fits their age

E. Discipline: Do’s and Don’ts

F. Balance “Challenge” with “Comfort”

G. How much “instruction” does your child need?

V. The Pastor and His Personal Purity

A. The dangers of power

B. The dangers of public life

C. The need for accountability


I have a personal philosophy that says “Whenever you go outside your own comfort zone and experience how others do life, you come back a richer man, better equipped to do life better at the local level.” I hope that will prove a reality for this trip.

2 Responses to The Pastor and His Family in Peru

  1. Loretta Gilliam says:

    I will certainly be praying for you in this endeavor. What a privilege and honor is yours. Always preach the Word and you will NEVER go wrong.

  2. Agam Iheanyi-Igwe says:

    God bless you for the effort to make a difference in the lives, families and ministries of these people. I wish i could get some of the outlines of the teachings in more detail – particularly of interest are IV (c to g) and V

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