Dr. John Richard: A Man of Grace to be Honored

dr-john-richard.jpgI’m back from my trip to Peru, the pastoral training that I wrote about in a previous post. Peru was interesting but not inspiring. I was inspired by the people I met: the people on our team and the pastors from Peru. This post features one man, Dr. John Richard (father of Ramesh), who inspired me to become more of a man of grace. He is a quiet man who carries a powerful presence. He seems so saturated with the knowledge of God that the wisdom of God simply flows from him. For example, when we were at the airport in Lima, I asked him to remind me of the verse that he had quoted the previous evening in a prayer meeting (2 Corinthians 9:8) because I was looking instead at 8:9. He then graciously and without hesitation quoted my reference and commented about how that verse further clarifies God’s grace. I looked for every opportunity to pump him with questions and then soak in his responses. I asked him things like “How do you pray?” and “How do you think about your children’s spiritual growth?” and “How has the Lord sustained you since leaving the business world in India?” His responses were memorable,ramesh-dad.jpg not so much for the words themselves, but for their fullness of the Spirit that carried a message of gratitude to the Lord. So to quote his answers would miss the richness of the moment. This is a man of grace and a man of dignity who should be honored. I think of how a son like Ramesh brings honor to his father’s name. When I am 84 years old, I hope I am of such sound mind and depth of spirit that my son can look to me with similar honor.


One Response to Dr. John Richard: A Man of Grace to be Honored

  1. John Richard Awalah says:

    I want to come to india and study

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