Lima — Hearts of the People in the Heart of Peru

lima-poor-neighborhood-2.jpgPeru is a different place. When you’re there, you know you are not just around the corner. You’re outside most everything familiar. There are obvious physical differences, like the season. It’s winter there while Dallas is baking in its 90-degree summer climate. During the winter it drizzles in an overcast atmosphere. Even though Lima is surrounded by low mountains, you can hardly see them because of the haze and dust. (The coastal area is dry). The first night was spent in the poorer section of Lima. Yet the people were very friendly and helpful. Lima is a city of contrasts. Here’s a picture of the area were we started the week.




And here’s what the center of the city looks like with the president’s palace on the left and the archbishop’s palace across the street, both adjacent to the main city square that centers on a fountain of grand proportions.









The President’s Palace is guarded with a lot of these very friendly sentinels carrying Russian made semi-automatic rifles.






And the other famous tourist spot is the San Martin Square surrounded by elegant hotels and buildings. San Martin is the guy who proclaimed Peru’s independence from Spain in July 1821.








For those who have more leisure time and disposable income, there’s the open air market on the sea coast. I will testify to the wonders of their tropical fruit ice cream.






With all the contrasts, however, the lingering pleasant memory after being home in Dallas for a week is the zeal of the pastors for the gospel of Jesus Christ to bless their land.



One Response to Lima — Hearts of the People in the Heart of Peru

  1. bjmmckee says:

    How wonderful that you were involved in such a wonderful experience! Your mention of contrasts was interesting to me. In my travels to countries similiar to Peru, once I became more comfortable with the drastically different lifeways and human conditions, I found the people so very kind! These experiences always remind me of the fact that no matter where people live or how they live, they are all God’s children. Most of the people around the world want only what most of us want – the basics of life, a future for children, and something to believe in and hope for. And, this is why God told us to go into all the world…….Thank you for all you do as God’s servant.
    Looking forward to hearing more about your trip!

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