Emotionally Focused Couples Therapy

Managing a relationship is more complicated than managing yourself. Managing an intimate relationship is even more difficult. Mending a marriage that has a history of “attachment injuries” sometimes seems impossible. But Emotionally Focused Couples Therapy seems to provide the most powerful way to mend broken relationships. It doesn’t just restore things to where they’ve been. It helps people relate at levels of compassion, respect, empathy and intimacy like never before. keith_edwards.jpgThis is what Dr. Keith Edwards spoke about at last week’s CAPS meeting. This approach softens the interface between the couple that has become calloused by pain. It equips each individual to care for the other, to comfort each other, and to contribute to the edification of the other. Even though this approach, founded by Susan Johnson, is not grounded in Christian theory, its product is very Christian. I think it could serve as a practical application of all the New Testament passages that deal with how we should treat “one another.”

4 Responses to Emotionally Focused Couples Therapy

  1. cjagers says:

    Very nice video! I’m so proud of my technologically advanced Dad!

  2. LJagers says:

    Thanks for the encouragement and the training sessions you gave me. — Dad

  3. psycho-therpaist says:

    Wow a great example of really boring fotage made to look intresting and exciting through the use of an up-beat pop/rock song and some fancy video editing/effects. Honeslty what dry unispiring looking stuff.

  4. leejagers says:

    Professional meetings, by their very nature, will never look like an inspiring party, hence the video. It’s also more interesting to watch if your picture is in it. The truly inspiring stuff was the content. I think EFT is an incredibly effective approach to helping people through their broken relationships . . . another process that doesn’t appear very inspiring on the surface.

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