How Should We Repond to Creativity?

blog-pic.jpg Most of what I read about creativity has to do with how we can be more creative. Very few people seem to address a more important issue: “How should I respond to creativity when I see it?” The first church we visited in Rome last month was The Church of the Gesu, the mother church of the Jesuits. Its construction was begun in 1568, twelve years after the death of Ignatius. We were impressed by the splendor of the Baroque design, its ceilings and frescoes. It matches the Sistine Chapel in my opinion. Our necks were constantly tilted up and our jaws were usually hanging open. My mind went to the creative genius that designed these glorious symbols and monuments, the ingenuity that built them, and most of all, the gifts of God that moved men to conceive of these marvelous structures. Yes, I admired the beauty of the structures. But more, I pondered the concepts that they depicted. But even more, I admired those who did it. But most of all, I respond in awe to the Creator God whose glory is manifested in all He creates. So what is my response to creativity? To marvel at the creation, then to glorify the Creator.

Psalm 8 is an appropriate response to the creative work of God. It’s appropriate because it acknowledges his majesty and his character. His thumbprint on all he created testifies of who he is. So when we look at the material world, our response should marvel at it but also to marvel at him and to respond personally to him. In this hymn to the sovereign creator, the psalmist praises God’s majesty and marvels that God has given mankind dominion over the created order (Net Bible note) “O Yahweh our Lord, how excellent is thy name in all the earth!”




One Response to How Should We Repond to Creativity?

  1. bjmmckee says:

    As always, a very interesting and thought provoking post, Dr. J! I wonder…WHAT does HOW I respond to creativity say about WHO I am? What self-reflective benefits are therein?


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