Intimacy in Marriage

I wish more engaged couples would spend more time and focus on preparing themselves for marriage and less time and money on lavish flowers, pictures, and elaborate wedding ceremonies. One program that I’ve been invited to for several years is coordinated by Trisha Beavers at her local Baptist church in Garland, Texas. This 8-week program is called It Takes Three. It’s been a delight and privilege for me to share one of the topics each time they hold the class. Here’s their announced description:

It Takes Three is a seminar designed for engaged and newlywed couples. It is taught by ministers and professional counselors. We seek to help couples develop Christ-centered marriages that will last a lifetime. Contact Trisha Beavers at 972-276-7194, x239 if you would like to sign up or need more info.

The eight topics covered are:

1. Through Thick and Thin. Making your marriage last through good and bad times.

2. You Mean You’re Not Perfect? Setting realistic expectatinos and affair-proofing your marriage.

3. Me Tarzan, You Jane. Learning to communicate more effectively.

4. God’s Design for Intimacy. Building a lifetime of love and trust. The power point slide show I use in this presentation is offered above.

5. In-laws or Outlaws? Settling issues related to in-laws before they become a problem.

6. The Money Pit. Practical advice on family financial planning.

7. Start Praying Now! God’s Design for Parenting.

8. A Marathon, Not a Sprint. Tips from successful couples on how to make your love last a lifetime.

Nice job, Trisha and First Baptist, and thanks for letting me participate.

Leave a comment about a program of marital preparation you are aware of and share it with others through this blog.


2 Responses to Intimacy in Marriage

  1. Wow, I am so thankful I ran across this, because in the beginning of my wedding it provides me with so much information to be able to plan my event!

  2. Dr. Jagers says:

    Thanks for leaving your encouraging comment, Delorse. Also happy to hear that you are actually planning for a good marriage rather than assuming it will happen automatically. You might also find this link helpful in finding personal things to talk about to get to kow each other.
    Dr. J.

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