Mission Plans: Pastoral Training in Canary Islands

Last year, after I offered a sample workshop in “Counseling Basics” to a dozen pastors in the Canary Islands, they asked for more. Oscar Lopez, my good friend who has been working with these men twice a year for ten years, served as my link, my translator and my guide. So we’re planning a return trip.

Opportunities to share the Christian Faith are rare in that part of the world. But these pastors are more than open . . . they’re hungry. To build the churches and keep them from floundering, they need more training.

I train pastors to effectively apply biblical principles to their people’s lives. As far as Oscar and I know, this is the first time pastors have received this kind of training.

Sonia is a “mommy coach” and will work with the mothers of young (pre-school) children to help them with some helpful perspectives in child rearing and to encourage them with a vision of how important their job is.

The Evangelical church adds up to about 0.1% of the population. The islands tend to remain isolated except for vacationers. Relaxation and pleasure are highly valued, but the local people must work hard to make a living.

Applying biblical principles to life situations increases our quality of life. Mothers need to catch the vision of child-rearing that goes beyond feeding, clothing, and keeping them out of harms way. How do you train up a child?

Pastors need to deal with problems like depression, anxiety, marriage problems, and addictions. It takes more than a Bible verse and a prayer from a nice person.

I am asking people to pray for cultural sensitivity and effectiveness in connecting with these dear people where they are. I am also asking for those who feel so moved, to support this tip financially. More on that in a future post.

One Response to Mission Plans: Pastoral Training in Canary Islands

  1. John ssewanyana says:

    Please come to Uganda ,I teach Pastors here especially on the islands,Pr John

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