Help for Young People with Tough Problems

“I don’t want the behavior. Little girls are walking around dressing like hoochies, cursing and swearing and showing disrespect toward their elders. In Islam, we believe in respect and dignity and honor.” This California Muslim woman was quoted by The New York Times on March 19, 2008; the Dallas Morning News picked it up on March 30, 2008. Her observations highlight a newsworthy symptom of moral decay in our culture. What is that lady doing about the problems she observes? She’s home schooling her four children. What are we doing around here?

I’m encouraged by the services that Dolores Shavers (click here) offers in her SE Dallas counseling practice.

She has specialties in agoraphobia, child and adolescent issues, drugs and parenting. She offers after school groups for both boys and girls. She offers counseling help for Spanish-speaking individuals. She not only reaches out with her practice, but she has a heart of gold. She’s the real deal. Her number in Dallas is 214-660-9515.

Her son works with her. In addition, he is the youth minister of his church, Pathway of Life (Pastor Danny Wingman).  If you read Weldon’s brief article, you’ll get a feel for where his heart is.  What a solid resource for our community!

The Reflection in the Mirror
by J. Weldon Shavers, Spiritual Consultant

A great man once said, “Follow a poor kid home and you will meet poor parents, follow a rich kid home and you will meet conceited parents”. Adolf Hitler declared, “If I can control the youth, then I can control the world”. The minds of young people, naive and impressionable has always been the breading ground for insolence and intolerance. From the hands of young people come school violence and gang signs. From Columbine to the crumbling wall of Berlin, from the mean streets of Iraq to the killing fields of East L.A, young people have always displayed the reflection of our culture, time and annoyances. While watching television I observed a 5 year old girl dressed in a white sheet making crude, racist remarks. The host asked the young girl the question, why do you hate blacks, Jews and non-whites? She said, “Because my mother told me too”. The sentiments expressed from the mouths of young people are derived from the venom that we as adults inject into them. The hatred and the violence that is perpetrated through the hands of young people is a mere reaction that comes from the initial action we the adults have placed upon them. When young people see Hollywood stars praised for vile, degrading behavior they begin to reflect the images and the lifestyles of the stars they admire. When drug dealers and pimps are glorified our culture pays the price of a failed educational system, exploding prison populations and gang related homicides. When young boys observe their fathers divorce their mothers for prissy college freshman and when young girls are seduced by the fast money and seductive attraction of porn and pole dancing. Heterosexual marriages decrease, date rape and promiscuity increase and our nation as a whole sinks deeper into the quick sand of un-repented sin and lewd lasciviousness. Remember, kids do not control the content of videos and television ads. Young people do not control mass media and the propaganda machine. The sentiments expressed from the minds of young people are derived from the venom that we as adults instill within them. We as adults, parents, guardians and sensible human beings need to stop blaming our children for our countries suicidal ambitions. Our children only reflect the images we display upon the mirrors of our lives. Before we as adults, parents, guardians and sensible human can demand our children and young adults to clean up their lives, we first must take a long, hard look at ourselves.


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