How Is a Mission Trip Funded?

Some people have been asking, “How do you raise the support money to go on a mission trip to the Canary Islands?”  Most of my work has been attitudinal.  I remind myself and others that it’s not about me.  For example, while many people travel to these resort locations for pleasure, it’s tough to do spiritual work there.  That  part of the world is closed to Evangelical Christianity, particularly when the “teachers” come from the United States.  But the local pastors are very open to us and very eager to learn.  So if we can train them, they can strengthen their local churches and from there develop an impact in their own country.  So is it worth $5,000 to go train a dozen pastors?  I think so.  Jesus started with that number.  All the efforts are then multiplied.

There are several people in our Dallas community who agree with me and believe in the importance of helping those local leaders do the job.  If 50 people can donate $100, or 100 people can donate $50, (you can do the math) then it’s done.  There are a lot of people who have the means to send someone over there, but can’t go themselves for one reason or another.  In the body of Christ, there are “senders” and “go-ers.”   All contributions are tax deductible.  For example, anyone wanting to support this effort can write a check to East-West Ministries and mail it to E-W Min, 4450 Sojourn Drive, Addison, Texas 75001-5043 with the memo line indicating “Account #4052- Dr. Jagers” and they will handle the money.  I never see it directly.  Most of the expenses for this trip are going to air fare.  I also like to buy gifts for our host families who house us and transport us.  I also like to give a book for the pastor of the host church to build his study library.  On the way to the Canary Islands, I’ll be stopping over in Seville to visit the pastors I met several years ago on a similar teaching mission.  I’ll take a book to them as well.

We’ll be taking some side trips on our own that are not related to the mission objective.  Those expenses are handled by us personally and do not come out of the contributions.

If you believe in this mission and are inclined to send in some contributions, we would appreciate it very much.  If we receive more than we need for this trip, the money will stay in the account to be used for a future trip.  One of my hopes is that this training for these pastors can turn into a yearly event.  That way, we can develop very personal relationships.

So the bottom line is that the money is not about me; it’s the Lord’s money and He likes to move it around occasionally to distribute His blessings from one part of the world to another.  It’s humbling to be part of that process.  It’s exciting to think about contributing to the equipping of these pastors who have more zeal and eagerness than formal training.  But, unlike some of us, they use everything they learn.  Nothing stays dormant.  Praise God for them.


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