Listen to CAPS Meetings from Dallas/Fort Worth

If you were not able to make one of our Dallas/FW CAPS meetings (Christian Association for Psychological Studies), you can now listen to the audio portion of the talk.  We’re struggling to find ways to do this at no cost and this is the best way we’ve found so far.  Enjoy.

“A Therapeutic Approach to Dealing with Issues of Sin” April 18, 2008, Dr. Dana Wicker speaker.   It was a 3-hour talk and is broken up into two parts.  Dr. Wicker is a Psychologist who teaches at Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary.  Here’s the abstract of her talk:

Religious clients often wrestle with concerns about sin and these concers impact the counseling process. This presentation reviews both the traditional Christian and psychological understandings of sin.  Clinical implications are examined and practical suggestions are given on how to address sin in counseling.

Dana Wicker 1

Dana Wicker 2

“Depression in the Pastorate” September 26, 2008.  Tommy Nelson, Pastor of Denton Bible Church and Dr. David Nicholson, Psychologist in private practice in Richardson, Texas team up to address this issue of anxiety, burnout, depression and stress that threatens all pastors.  Tommy told his story of how depression sidelined him for several months and what it took to bring recovery beyond Bible study and prayer.  David Nicholson weighs in on the clinical aspects of depression and shares research on how this problem impacts pastors.

Tommy Nelson 1

Tommy Nelson 2

Nicholson 1

Nicholson 2

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