Meeting a Need Now; Meeting Opportunities Later

binoyI was deeply humbled when I talked to Binoy a few weeks ago.  He wants to teach and train pastors in India to help them present Christianity clearly and accurately.  He recognized that he, himself, needs training.  So he sold all he had to come to America, specifically to Dallas Theological Seminary.  He knows that Jesus gave all He had to offer us the truly good life.  Now that he has given all he had to serve his Lord, he needs help from the rest of the body of believers.  In the early days of the church, . . .

“. . . the full number of those who believed were of one heart and soul, and no one said that any of the things that belonged to him was his own . . .  There was not a needy person among them . . .” (Acts 4:32-33)

What a testimony it would be if Binoy received his needed tuition money from fellow Christians in America!  Here’s his story in his words:

I responded to my father’s death when I was 14 years old in two different ways. Negatively, I became bitter against God for making us desperate. Positively, helped by a timely counsel two years later, I began to learn to trust God. It also opened my eyes to the failure of the churches and importance of counsel. The Lord tuned all these things for the good of serving Him. Though I did not have any training in counseling, I served Him teaching counseling for over 10 years and served as the campus counselor in India. I prayed for 7 years for God to open a way for me to study counseling. I got admission at DTS 4 years before. I waited 3 years for scholarship, which I did not get. My wife and I decided to sell the only piece of land we had and she agreed to stay back with our two young boys alone at the place she works for $100 per month. A week before I had to leave to the States, I was told at a dinner with the president of the institution where I worked for 14 years that I will be given a stipend of only 3 months salary instead of 14 months ($4000) which was their policy as they did so for even those joined later than me, and I was counting on it toward my expenses for the study. I appealed to them not on the basis of right, but on account of my need. But it was turned down. Trusting God who opened the way for the study, I came.  But in


addition to the financial difficulties the loneliness of missing my family made me to think of going back before I spend all what I have. But the Lord strengthened me to commit to the sacrifice I made and not to withhold to myself. I decided that lack of faith should never stop what God wants to accomplish through me. I would be glad to leave to India if that is what God wants. These days are difficult days for us, which I learn to spend joyfully as preparation for presenting counsels vibrant with life experience. I did not get adequate hours of work at the campus. I pay my room rent without doing any shopping. I take the left over from the cafeteria after my work there and my roommates provide some. My wife works full time, cooks, do the shopping, teaches the children, and washes all the clothes by hand. I am glad that I married to a pastor’s daughter.

Please pray for God to open a way for my wife and children to come and join me and for the finance for my tuition fee for the spring semester ($1000/month for TMS from January to April).

There is no tax deduction, simply an address to contact him or send money to him:

Binoy Thannikkodan Kuriakose
Dallas Theological Seminary
, Box 1567, Dallas, TX 75204

We can invest now and begin to see the multiplication of that training in about four years — all over India!

Merry Christmas, everyone.

Lee Jagers


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