Severely abused women now have a resource


Over two years ago, I posted some information about Wing Haven and expressed excitement about the concept.  Now it’s a reality.   Wing Haven is a relocation center for severely abused women–the next step for them is death if they try to leave their abuser.  After years of unbelievably hard work and sacrifice Wing Haven is ready for clients.   It provides a chance for women to heal physically, to strengthen emotionally, to engage socially, and to mature spiritually.  If you are aware of any woman and her children (five and under) who need a safe place where she can learn of the Lord and literally rebuild her life, help them get help at:

Wing Haven (click here for their web page)
2059 Camden Avenue
San Jose, CA 95124

Domestic violence need not pose a dead end street.


2 Responses to Severely abused women now have a resource

  1. Lee Bauman says:

    Hello Lee J,

    Thank you very much for your support of Wing Haven. It would be great if some of your friends could refer potential participants to Wing Haven.


    Lee Bauman

  2. Lee Jagers says:

    Update in Christmas letter 12/2010 from Carol and Lee Bauman:
    In late 2009, due to declining donations, we reduced the Wing Haven staff to only Amy Sisson, our director of counseling. This enabled her to focus on counseling services for needy people in Southeastern Ohio with the
    remaining money. God answered our prayers, by mid-year local community leaders recognized Wing Haven as
    providing services that are very valuable in helping needy people due to donations. And then in August this local support was expressed in the form of funding from the Dept of Job and Family Services to develop and implement the official county endorsed program for helping parents become more effective in creating healthy self sufficient families. Thus, in this year Wing Haven has served more victims of abuse than our initial program had planned. Please hold Amy up in prayer as she expands this ministry (email us if you would like to hear more).
    Thank you for your continued prayers for Wing Haven and our family’s ability to share loving times together. We wish you a very merry Christmas and happy new year,
    Carol and Lee Bauman

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