Beyond Personal Comforts to Help Others: Haiti

What would motivate a Dallas Theological Seminary student to drop all his classes and go to Haiti to help with the relief effort there?  When Luke Perkins did this and after he was there for less than a week,  he asked  if I know some counselors who could come help him.  I simply sent his request to the Christian counselors I know in the Dallas area.  Within a couple of days,  a team of five counselors from Dallas Bible University responded with plans to go.  Their team leader,  Shannon Wolf,  leads their counseling center at DBU and is trained in crisis counseling.  Perfect.  Today, I heard from one of the team.  Here’s part of her e-mail:

Dr. Jagers,
I this is Erika, from DBU.  Dr. Wolf and her husband Peter are here in Haiti.  The workers have been amazing hosts.  Luke has gone above and beyond making us feel comfortalbe and making sure our needs have been met.  I have been keeping a few stories on my blog, feel free to check it out .

Today is our 3rd full day of back to back appointments.  Most of the people we’ve seen have been the nationals.  Most know good English, while a few need a translator.  We’ve also spoken to a number of the missionaries that were here during the quake.

What motivates these people to leave the comforts of their homes a do what they’re doing?  I think it’s love for others beyond self.  To me, it’s a picture of how to practice what the New Testament epistle of James called “pure and undefiled” religion.  There are good people doing good things in this world.  Blessings on you guys!

One Response to Beyond Personal Comforts to Help Others: Haiti

  1. Shannon Wolf says:

    We were the ones who were blessed.

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