Pastoral Counseling in Other Cultures

Indonesia to Tanzania

I’m headed for Tanzania, Africa in August and you can help.

Every August 35 pastors from around their country come to the capital city, Dar es Salaam, for a Pastors Conference.  A Dallas Seminary doctoral student whose native country is Tanzania organizes it.  This year, he asked for a track on Pastoral Counselor Training.  So following a week of teaching in Indonesia (sponsored by our church), I’m flying there to help train pastors to connect with the people in a practical and helpful way.

Here’s what I plan to teach (yes, it’s being translated into Swahili)

  • A five-session Strategic Pastoral Counseling Model.
  • How to Really Listen: the Critical Aspect of Effective Counseling
  • Forgiveness: the Road to Freedom
  • Suffering and Pastoral Counseling
  • Example: Reconciling a Marriage after an Affair

Then, we plan to take a “mini conference” (an additional two days) to the nearby island of Zanzibar to minister to the pastors there.

While about half of the country claims to be Christian, only a few universities are equipped to provide solid Christian teaching.  That’s why we feel the urgency for leadership training.

The total cost of this part of the trip will be about $3,000.  My church is handling the trip over there, but I need to raise these additional funds for the ministry in Africa and the trip back home.  Whether or not you can provide financial support, Please remember us in your prayers.

I would appreciate your prayerful consideration of this letter.  If you’d like to support me, please make checks payable to

East-West Ministries, Int’l.  Memo Line: “Dr. Lee Jagers Account #4052” and mail to: East-West Ministries, Int’l, P.O. Box 868050, Plano, TX 75086-8050.

Stay tuned for updates, most significantly insights about things we can learn from them.


4 Responses to Pastoral Counseling in Other Cultures

  1. John says:

    Nothing in your post indicates that you intend to venture west from Dar es Salaam, but if it is your intention to be in Arusha for any time, do please let me know if we can offer you any local assistance. If you should chance to be there and had an hour to spare, we would love to assemble some of the mountain guides for a short talk from you on the Christian view of service, and would be grateful to make a small contribution towards your Tanzanian trip. But I ask on the offchance, realising that you are probably not likely to be in Arusha. All the best for your conference.

  2. Another amazing article! I shared this blog on Twitter – you must add a “like” button to your articles. 🙂

  3. Lee: Finally I am going to attempt a blog. Read your note…posted in July. Guess you are still overseas right now – just wanted you to know I am “still here”. Told my client to visit with you concerning the “incredible lease problem” he had. Understand he is now in housing on campus. GREAT! Thanks for your help. They are really a nice couple. I do look forward to hearing from you-via blog at least and learn about your most recent travels, etc. Hope you and your family are well and enjoying a wonderful time. Sharon

    • J. Lee Jagers says:

      So good to hear from you Sharon. I’m back in Dallas and can say that I’m even recuperated. Jet lag is real stuff. Will be writing reports on my blog soon. I trust all is going well with you and that you’re selling lots of houses! Regards, Lee

      Sent from my iPhone

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