Addiction Recovery

Sometimes individuals needs to get away from it all to focus all their energies on recovery from their addiction.  A ranch setting north of Dallas provides a pastoral setting to do just that.  I visited “Enterhealth” a few months ago and could not imagine a more attractive facility to work on the issues of drug and alcohol addiction that are quite unattractive.  Whether inside or out, this is a place where you can rest and reflect.  Click here for a more complete photo-tour.   I was impressed by two aspects of their program beyond the sheer beauty of the place: (1) medical attention is available 24-7 and (2) following discharge, online recovery tools 24 hours a day from anywhere in the world.  I asked their marketing director, Deborah Phillips, to highlight some of the aspects of the program that make it unique.  Here’s what she said:

Enterhealth: Personalized Addiction Disease Management

At Enterhealth, we offer a better a way to recover from alcohol and drug addiction.  With a personalized recovery plan that includes best-in-class addiction therapies, advanced anti-addiction medications and online continuing recovery support, we can address each individual’s unique needs.

Enterhealth succeeds where other methods have failed by approaching addiction as a chronic brain disease – utilizing traditional behavioral therapies while also taking into account the physical, psychological, neurological, relational and spiritual aspects of each person.

Enterhealth understands that addiction and the recovery process are different for each person. That’s why our comprehensive alcohol and drug treatment program is customized on an individual basis. We believe that each unique situation calls for an equally one-of-a-kind plan of action to achieve lifelong sobriety.

At Enterhealth, we treat the whole person, through an individualized approach, in every element of our recovery program. We offer a full range of personalized addiction disease management services from withdrawal stabilization (detoxification) to trauma resolution to co-existing conditions/dual diagnosis to after care and online recovery support.   We also have a two addiction psychiatrists on staff.

The Ranch: Renaissance in Recovery

At The Ranch, a premier adult residential treatment facility located just north of the Dallas/Fort Worth area, we put all of the Enterhealth program elements into practice. In a comfortable, supportive environment, we blend the most effective science-based clinical tools with innovative psychotherapeutic techniques.  Our amenities, activities and services are combined with comprehensive support sessions hosted by experienced and caring staff.  We offer private rooms, 24-hour nursing supervision and numerous activities to keep you in shape during your stay.

Online Recovery Support Program

To enhance the recovery process, Enterhealth provides the support needed for lifelong recovery success, and helps make the transition from residential treatment back to everyday life just a little easier.  Our online recovery program can be used by clients and clients’ support networks (friends, family, therapists, etc.) long after discharge from residential support. Intended to prevent/predict relapse and supply the needed continuity of care, the e-learning recovery is meant to be used to enhance the effectiveness of any alcohol and drug addiction treatment program. This online resource is intended to prevent/predict relapse and supply the needed continuity of care on an ongoing basis so that should a client relapse, he/she can easily and quickly get the support needed to return to sobriety.

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