Drug Treatment in the Midst of Life

I visited the offices of I360 recently and was impressed by several things.  Most obvious was the intelligence and competence of Dr. Kevin Gilliland and his entire staff.  They think outside the box, while embracing the virtues of standard approaches like Alcoholics Anonymous.  They’re very positive about what they do without trash-talking anybody else’s approach.   They’re very unique, but not exclusive.  They dovetail with other treatment specialties around town and across the country.  This is clearly an upscale operation that is not just the same ol’ enchilada.  What do I mean by all this?  Read how staff member, Chris Epstein, describes their services:

Chemical dependency touches every aspect of a person’s life.  Addiction treatment has to help recovering addicts prepare for the multitude of challenges that await them.  I360 is different from other addiction treatment centers in that we help individuals build and apply the skills necessary to live a new life, free from alcohol and drugs. We take treatment outside of the traditional setting to make it personal and customized to your unique needs and situation. The following vignette gives an example of I360 in action:

Steve is a high level executive with XYZ Inc, a father of 3 boys, a husband to a wonderful wife, Pattie, for the past 15 years—and yet has been battling an addiction to alcohol.  He has seen how his addiction has affected multiple facets of his life. If Steve shows up to work drunk one more time he will lose his job.  His boys are embarrassed by dad’s angry outbursts at their baseball games after he has had too much to drink.  Pattie no longer trusts Steve to take care of the boys alone, and Steve’s closest friends don’t want to hang out anymore after his embarrassing drunken antics.  These problems seem overwhelming to Steve so he pushes even further into the bottle.  And the vicious pattern continues….

Steve’s traditional treatment plan would most likely involve a 30-60 day stay in a residential facility that removes him from the drug and the environment they used. These facilities are predominately 12 Step and group therapy focused, meaning you work the steps along with all other patients and participate in process groups for further insight. Individual therapy is available, but usually limited in scope to the therapeutic elements mentioned above. After Steve’s inpatient stay, the facility could refer the him to an Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) that will meet 3-4 times a week for 3 hours a day or he could be referred to a half way home where he could live with other recovering individuals. Typically an IOP or the half way home would be recommended from 3 months to a year, depending on the patients willingness to change and level of addiction. All of these recovery options are beneficial in their own way, but after all that, Steve would still need to learn to transition back into the world in which he used. He would return back to the world that has multiple drinking buddies waiting for his return, to the dysfunctional family, or the job culture where weekly meetings are held over cocktails at the local bar.  How can Steve return to this life with triggers at every corner? Or as we have heard from many clients, “I loved residential….but now what?!”

Here is how an Innovation 360 treatment experience can be different:

Steve gets chemical dependency treatment in the midst of life.  He enters i360’s treatment program, and immediately our team customizes his treatment to his unique situation. Our staff works diligently with Steve and his family to accommodate his healthy, normal schedule.  In not going to a residential treatment center, Steve keeps his job and yet works through similar elements in the I360 program as would be studied in residential.  As Steve and Patty attend marital therapy with our i360 therapists, they begin to reconnect in more meaningful ways.  In family sessions, Steve’s boys are able to tell him how proud they are of him (and share their excitement with having dad back in their lives).  While in treatment, Steve gets to go to his sons’ baseball games again.   He goes on dates with his wife.  With our skilled team alongside him, he learns how to handle every day stresses. Steve attends AA meetings with a life development staff to help him understand the meetings and value of a sponsor.   Steve also continues treatment in IOP several times a week.  He learns what triggers his cravings and how to move forward.  Personal and customized to Steve, our team of psychiatrists, psychologists, LPC’s, and graduate interns help Steve live his normal, day-to-day routine, until our help is no longer needed.
This is where “Treatment in the midst of life” really takes place.

Other services:

Innovation 360 also offers other services tailored to the client’s needs.  Our 14-day transitional program is designed to assist the recovering addict coming out of a residential facility.  Not sure you like the therapist, psychiatrist, or AA group your residential facility recommended?  Our staff and network of professionals give you the ability to connect with those who are right for you and your recovery. Let I360 walk with you as you return to your every day life.

Innovation 360 also offers a wide variety of traditional individual and group therapies. From adolescent substance abuse with co-occurring disorders to marital issues and assessing suicidality, I360 can be a one-stop shop for your mental health needs.


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