Be Prepared


Be prepared!  A good boy scout is.  A marine after boot camp is.  The Japanese were (as much as anyone could be . . . but they got whacked beyond imagination).  But young married couples typically are not prepared for the difficulties and blessings that a marriage brings.

A counselor who is now in practice  in College Stations, TX (near Texas A&M) wrote an article about God’s design for marriage that has helped several thousand people get focused over the past few years.

A young therapist in town, Matt Inman, has just come on the scene.  He is wise beyond his years.  He not only provides good pre-marital counseling here is Dallas, but he also has started a blog which I want to follow.  It’s called Fig Tree Counseling and his latest post looks at the importance of pre-marital counseling.  Check it out.

All this talk of preparation makes me ask, “What does it mean to be ready for the Second Coming of the Lord.  He said he would come again (John 14:3,18).  The Bible says it will be sudden (Matt 24:27).  Jesus said that we are not to know exactly when it will happen (Acts 1:7).  The Bible consistently indicates that the preparedness of his coming should bring comfort to us who believe (1 Thessalonians 4:18).   I think I can be prepared to the extent that my heart is surrendered to Him and my devotion is to do His will.  What does it mean to you?

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