Setting the Pace for 2012

Riddle: It provides fun on New Year’s Eve, avoids unsafe travel, contributes to a good social cause, and builds intimacy in marriage.  Solution: “Nell’s Charity Ball” at the Sterling Hotel in Dallas.

At the Sterling Hotel, Dallas

The ballroom dance bug bit me this past year and the infection is spreading!  I’m guessing about 300 people danced to a live band in the largest ballroom I’ve ever seen.  Jack Melick’s Big Band played Auld Land Syne  at twelve . . . Twelve NOON, than is.  The ball began at 11:30 AM with a light lunch, interrupted by an announcement that somewhere in the world the New Year had begun.  The problem of dangerous night driving solved!

Sue Fitzgerald, Tango & Cha Cha


Sue Fitzgerald invited us.  In addition to radiating a lovely personality, she owns the dance studio, Tango and Cha Cha, in North Dallas where we have our dance lessons.  She is the newest addition to my list of good people doing good things in the community.  We plan to visit her studio as close to every week as possible in 2012.   Her sponsorship of two tables at this New Year’s Ball and the net proceeds went to support “The Children’s Advocacy of Plano”  and “The Children’s Hospital of Dallas,”  two wonderful agencies that serve the needs of abused or neglected children.

New Year's Eve 2011


For three hours we danced away the old year and set the tone for 2012.  The tone resonates with fun, intimacy, social connections, and good exercise.  I recommend ballroom dancing to build intimacy in a marriage.  More details on this will come in future blog posts.


If some of you dancers have already experienced this, add a comment with some specifics.


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