Transform a Community

What do you do with a community so toxic with crime, drugs and poverty that the public buses wouldn’t go into it after 10:00 PM and the police would go in only with backup? A remarkable organization, “Behind Every Door”, brings hope to the community and dignity to the people.   Every door has behind it a valuable story.   Now, groups of young boys, ages 8-13, gather on Friday mornings for their “Real Men” goup meetings to learn what it is to be a real man.   Tutoring improves school performance.   Job training helps get work.  Even planting flowers helps the place look better.  The residents say, “Life is looking up.”  This is social justice in action.
In April, WFAA-TV (ABC)  did a short story on the Village Oaks community.  Click to watch.
Check out their web site too.   Great pictures.
And great stories on their blog.
It’s only 864 homes with 2000 residents, but imagine what could happen as other communities experience the blessing of caring relationships.  It’s amazing what can happen with good people set out to do good things in the community.  Consider supporting them with finances.  I think they’re worth it.

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  1. Lee Jagers says:

    Now, in 2019, they’re still going strong. Here’s a notice from them I just received:

    Can you believe it?!

    Behind Every Door is turning TEN this year! We can’t wait to celebrate with you!

    In ten years, we’ve grown from a simple idea to a thriving organization with 26 incredible staff members. Our amazing staff walk alongside 400 kids and 2,500 people annually. We offer kids and families a safe, supportive hub within their very own apartment complex. Residents have consistent access to our high quality programming, facilities, and staff – ten hours a day, six days a week.

    As we look towards our ten-year birthday, we’d be honored to have you join our mission to impact kids in Dallas. We won’t be having Bowl-A-Rama this year, so we encourage you to give today to make our tenth year the best yet!

    Thank you for your support and commitment to changing lives in our city!


    Will Dowell
    Executive Director, Behind Every Door

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