Reparative Therapy Changed My Life

June 26, 2013

Whenever there’s a controversial debate, I like to try to clarify the perspectives and the arguments of each side. I also like to understand the world view that each side is coming from. The debates over gay rights and associated legislation have sadly become so politicized that there remains very little balance and even less interest in understanding . . . only winning. I had lunch with David Pickup this week. What a man he is. A blend of strength, compassion, intelligence and spirituality. Please listen to his story.

Added note: I had posted this video first with Vimeo, the host of the video, but when they realized what the content was, they disallowed it to continue. They took it completely off Vimeo.   So this video is supplied through You Tube.  Good example of what happens to informed dialog when an issue becomes politicized.  David Pickup presents a formidable example of how his own life as well as the lives of many others have been transformed for the good.  He can be reached at