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  1. Rod Bunton says:

    After reading some of the articles on your website — you are obviously integrated in your approach to counseling and understanding of how people change. Just curious, what is your opinion of the writings and perspectives of men like Jay Adams, Dave Powlison, Ed Welch and the others at CCEF?

    Pastor Rod Bunton
    Dallas Grad 1984

  2. leejagers says:

    While I appreciate (and have been blessed by) the biblical contributions of these men, I think it stops short of much detailed wisdom to negate insights gained from psychological, socialogical and medical research. A statement of where I stand can be seen in part in my post . I enjoy watching a similar debate going on with Old Testament Bible scholars concerning the integration of extra biblical writings into sacred scripture (Egyptian, Babylonian, etc.) as reflected in another post (July 24, 2006) of an article by Dr. John Hilber: .
    Thanks for you inquirey. I trust things are going well in Tallahassee.
    Lee Jagers

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