Through counseling, you can begin to see clearly what patterns characterize your present problems, relate them to deeper causes rooted in the past, and arrive at productive ways to deal with the ongoing realities of life.

The task of the therapist is to help you uncover and clarify your basic perceptions, values, and motivations that may be contributing to your distress. Together we can also get a clearer picture of your strengths so you can more confidently build on your resources.

The guidance provided comes out of the counselor’s skills and training in personality development, spiritual orientation and relationship enhancement.

Assessment tools such as personality and vocational inventories are available to assist the counseling process. At times we work in conjunction with a psychiatrist when medication is appropriate to facilitate therapy. Strictest confidentiality of our sessions is always maintained.

In summary, we work together to overcome obstacles to your personal growth that may have originated in your early formative years but that continue to affect your adult life.

addictions (alcohol, drug, sex, eating)
anxiety, loneliness, grief
chronic pain
indecision and passivity
uncontrolled behaviors: temper, spending, talking
fears (of failure, success, intimacy), phobias
emotionally based physical problems
poor self-image
pre-marital counseling
conflict resolution problems
problems with physical and emotional intimacy
reconciliation after an affair
need for more parenting skills
step-family, single-parent family problems
adjustment to recent layoff
matching career path with personal interests
poor performance
relationship problems
low satisfaction level
questions about purpose and meaning in life
integrating your faith with your life walk
concerns regarding relationship to God


To seek counsel requires courage. Your responsibility is primarily to come and talk about yourself as personally as you can. Most people come weekly. As you gain new insights in our sessions and between sessions, you make those insights meaningful by attempting new behaviors. That is, you open yourself to new experiences that can help you. You dare to confront some of your old fears armed with new awareness. You learn to objectively re-evaluate those things that trouble you.

There are a variety of counseling formats from which you can choose. Individual, marital, family, and group counseling are all currently available. Therapy is most effective when it is focused and goal oriented. Therefore, you can help the process by clarifying, as best you can, the specific areas you want to work on. Then, as you come in for each session, try to formulate an immediate goal for that day.

I aim to develop a productive, professional relationship with my clients. It is my desire to be helpful as you address issues of concern in your life. If you have questions regarding the counseling process please give me a call. My goal is to help you restore dignity, integrity and authenticity to your life. I help you gain the personal resources necessary for you to manage the problems in your life rather than your problems managing you. In short, I help you develop a more refined, higher level of living.

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