Into Africa

June 11, 2010

Ambilike Mwangomo

This is the man who opened my mind and heart to  go to Tanzania, Africa this August.   Not for a safari, although that would be fun.  We’re going to provide training for pastors from around the country.  My role will be to teach pastoral counseling.

Ambilike is a doctoral student at Dallas Theological Seminary and kept asking me when I could come and help.  He’s as winsome as he is persuasive.    It’s amazing what can happen when a man loves his country and loves his Lord.  Vision gives way to plans which turn into action.   It’s an honor for me to be on his team.

Tanzania, Africa

This is where Tanzania is.  It used to be called Tanganyika.

If you have the time to read further, here are some of Ambilike’s thoughts about why it is important to train leaders in Africa.

Why Is It Important to Train Leaders in Africa

The church in Africa is growing at a very fast rate that there is a greater need for leaders to nurture the new believers in their faith. In Tanzania, for instance, the number of born again believers more than doubled from about 2.3mil in 1990s to 5.7 mil in 2000s raising the number of evangelicals to 17% of the population. The reality of the growth is not just statistical as it is evidenced by, among other things, the continuous increase in the number Read the rest of this entry »